I'm off out for the day to do some retail therapy and meeting a friend for coffee - the sun is shining and it's Friday so what could be better?

My plan was to go into M&S and look for something pink but because I had to change buses, I happened to walk past the Fire Station and was surprised to see these pink doors. If it hadn't been for the red strip at the bottom of the far right door, you might have thought I had changed the colour - but they were definitely pink! 

What a wonderful job our Fire Brigades do - it's good to be able to pay tribute to them (not forgetting, of course, the other two emergency services, the Police and Ambulance Service) and we never know when we might need their help.  They turn out and have to deal with some terrible fires and accidents - but they go willingly and give of themselves without holding back - and we know this is not just in the UK but all over the world, as we have witnessed just lately.

So who cares what colour their doors are - I'm grateful just to know they are there and, of course, it has given me a Blip for today as well as a chance to pay tribute to all the brave firefighters, both men and women, who are so courageous. 

     is not the absence of fear, 
          but rather the judgement 
               that something else 
                    is more important 
                         than fear."
Ambrose Redmoon

P.S.  Please remember to click on this link so that someone may have a free mammogram.

P.P.S.  I had a great day and managed to find trousers that just happen to be pink for me and several tee shirts but then found at least six pairs of trousers for Mr. HCB - and if you think I felt guilty sorry for him, you would be right!

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