Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Sunday reflections

It wasn't until I looked at this photo on the large screen that I noticed how the paler clouds are reflected in the calm water of the Firth of Clyde this morning. What had originally attracted me was the peaceful nature of the scene which seemed appropriate for a kind of 1950s image of how Sunday morning ought to feel - those Sunday mornings when the only shop open would be the newsagent, and it would close when the Sunday papers had been delivered or sold, when children weren't allowed out to play for fear of disturbing the silence. 

This morning was actually almost completely silent at this point; we were an hour earlier than usual for various reasons including the inability of our Dean to be in two places at once (church as well as a civic ceremony commemorating WW1). The day has seemed long as a result; this calm morning seems another day altogether.

Incidentally, this being 2017 the ferries are running, and if you look closely you can make out one of the Argyll ferries heading for Dunoon ...

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