YES - I was out!

I had to get up early for a call at 8:30 am. I was not very well at that time. bad cough that does not seem to get better. I was actually feeling worse than 2 days ago! Clear message that things must change!
Dougie was around to do the house and I felt knackered. I did was needed done - luckily not too much - and then stopped working. Had a coffee with Dougie who is having another surgery tomorrow. They will remove a tumour they found and then we probably has to go for local chemo. I hope all goes well tomorrow and that they can get rid of the bad stuff.
When Dougie left I just had another call and responded to one email I had to. Then I called it a day, went out and got some food. Back home I started cooking. We will have proper dinner tonight!
I will try and do the same tomorrow :)

Blip is not spectacular, but a prove that I really left the house. It's the view over river Kelvin from Queen Margaret Bridge. With "The Botanics" to the right.

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