I didn’t quite make the early bus this morning, so went for the next one instead, as I had a meeting at 08:30 and I needed to prepare for it.  I t has definitely been less frenetic at work this week, which has let me catch up with quite a few things.  Just as I was thinking I would pop out for some fresh air at lunchtime (in the rain) an urgent piece of work came in, which had to be sorted out by 2pm.  That put paid to me putting a few steps on my Fitbit.

BB’s badminton wasn’t on today, so I had to remember to pick him up from after school club.  After a supermarket stop off, we headed home for cello practice and homework and the evening passed all too quickly.

No blips today, so I popped out briefly just as the rain started, just to get a few steps and took this – a hebe I think.

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