Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Tales of Squirrel Nutkin

Now, what's he been up to to today? Well, he'd been at the feeder several times before I was up and dressed, The Man said. I went for the camera but missed him.

There was a lot of back and forth activity but I had jobs to do and, besides which, I didn't want to blip a red squirrel again today! AND it was pouring down. AND the light was low in that dark corner. AND The Man wouldn't go out in the rain to put hazelnuts on the nearby bird table.

I went out after lunch to finish off a couple of jobs at the holiday lodge. By mid afternoon the sun was shining and it made the new cushions look really good. In spite of the sunshine, I didn't get a blip. The windows were a picture! The low sunshine hitting silken threads of the cobwebs which covered the 2 kitchen windows, meant I had to do something with a chamois leather. Now window cleaning is NOT my thing! Doing things with chamois leathers is NOT my thing, though on a desert island I could be tempted to make myself some scanty clothing with them.

My thought's came back to reality when I found what had become of Peter Rabbit. Oh, dear, Mr McGregor must have spotted him, some time ago, and now I was left to dispose of the grizzly remains before our visitors arrived.

So, back home and Squirrel Nutkin was still bobbing about at the nut feeder. I picked up the camera, not so much to get a blip, light was fading, it was after 5, but more to compare a full frame body with a 300mm lens and a crop sensor body with a 250mm lens.

Of course the 400D could only go up to ISO 1600 which meant I was hand-holding at 1/30th with a 250 focal length. The results surprised me. I prefered this image to the one taken at 12800 ISO and 1/500 on the 5D3 at the same apperture.

I never did get any more shots taken!

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