The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

The curious case of the missing mini-roundabout

The roadworks are finished. Only half the road was resurfaced. Sign of the times...

This means we can now get on and off our estate without having to go through the back lanes and get caught up in road rage incidents. Hurrah!

Strangely, perhaps, the mini roundabout at the junction has gone. Of course there are no road markings on the new surface yet, so it may be painted back on. It was only there for about ten years...

While I was discussing these issues with a dog walker who had a beautiful Bichon, I became aware of another dog owner with a Jack Russell. I realised that this was none other than the erstwhile blipper, Stroud Womble! We have lived within 500 yards of each other, all this time, and never actually met! We had a quick chat, and I.invited him and his other half to drop in with Bertie (the dog) any time they're passing our house. Many people do pass our house on their way to the woods or the cemetery.

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