Greased Lightening

Flashing like lightening through the conifer branches this yellow-eyed predator scattered the terrified birds.

I have mended my hide tent from the wind damage a while ago and was sitting there in our field hoping for some action on the feeder which I'd newly set up. Catching sight of a brown bird flying into the trees it soon became obvious that it was a predator when all the seven magpies started harassing and squawking at it. The feeder tinies shot off with frantic alarm calls, scattering just terrified, whilst the magpies flushed it out of hiding. The sheer speed and agility of this youngster can only be marvelled at. For me it all happened so fast that I was incredibly surprised to get anything when I looked back through the shots.

Got to say I never expected to get a picture like this after only 10 minutes - I never actually thought I would see her at all frankly!

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