This is a pretty setting on the Amado Territory Ranch.  It's located behind a restaurant called Firefly.  I was looking for some frogs but there weren't any lilly pads like there were the last time I went out there.  I'm not sure being outside and surrounded by trees and grasses was the brightest thing I've done lately. *cough, cough* but you get an idea of what fall looks like here.  We don't get color changes because we don't have broad-leafed trees.  Ours are all variations of needle-like leaves.  The trees here are Mesquite, I think.

Another medical adventure with my mom yesterday.  She's declining fairly quickly, both mentally and physically.  For me, there was good news (and a bit of bad news) today.  The good news is that I have finished designing my new kitchen cabinets (cherry) and countertops (granite) with the store guy.  The bad news is that they are going to cost a lot more than expected.   New appliances will be explored during the Black Friday sales in a few weeks.  Homeownership. Yikes!

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