A Close Encounter of the Prickly Kind!

Dear Diary,

A very sweet young porcupine waddled into the yard for a visit.  I am so glad I caught sight of him out the window and grabbed my camera.  He headed right over to the compost pile to munch on the fresh garden clippings for a while. 

Porcupines are gentle creatures and extremely near-sighted so I was able to get quite close.  I did my very best imitation of a mama porcupine and called to the little one and he came right over to me.  He showed off his bright orange teeth to me and I talked to him for a minute.  He seemed enthralled.  Then, he decided to waddle back to the road and I was so afraid that he would be hit!

It is not easy to herd porcupines but I kept him on the side of the road until the coast was clear and then encouraged him to cross.  I stood in the road in case a car came and of course one did.  I waved my arms like a crazy lady and they stopped.  We all watched little Prickly waddle across until he was safely on the other side.  (How does a porcupine cross the road?  Slooooowly!)  Just another normal day at my house!  (Extra photos of Prickly...)

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