Hang on Gaylord!

Dear Diary,

Gaylord is gathering the maple seeds from the old tree in front of the house.  I can sit at my computer and watch him perform his feats of daring do out the window!  He didn't even pause when I went outside to photograph him.  Sometimes he hangs from one paw and stretches out to his full length to get the yummy seeds.  Quite entertaining.  He has slipped on occasion but always catches himself.  Makes me dizzy to watch.

All my little ones are very busy getting ready for winter. (I am too.  Matt will be back tomorrow to continue the "winterization" of the house.) Gaylord likes to fatten up now even though I will provide him all the seeds he needs.  He isn't taking any chances.  There is a surplus of acorns this year so everyone is eating their fill.

I am off to Portland this afternoon for a consult with the surgeon.  I hope there is good news to relate tomorrow.  The waiting has been hard.  Today I will know what I am dealing with and how extensive the surgery will be.  Fingers crossed!

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