Dear Diary,

This leaf, hanging on Auntie's tree, has started the decaying process while it is still attached.  The light shining through it was really quite lovely.  I have always been fascinated by the hidden structure of leaves.  Sometimes you can find "skeletal" remains of leaves on the forest floor, perfectly intact but lacking the outer surface.

Yesterday was one of those "good news/bad news" sort of days.  The bad news was that at the last minute it was discovered that the surgeon I was referred to didn't take my insurance so the appointment didn't happen.  Once my test results get to the new and approved surgeon I can reschedule.  The really good news was the test results were all good so the surgery will not have to be as extensive as they first feared.  So, I will happily take this little delay.

Thank you all for your crossed fingers and well wishes.  The first hurdle has been crossed.  One day at a time...

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