The weather is so strange at the moment! It's very warm today, and both breezy and cloudy. And the sun is glowing a strange orange-red colour. Apparently Hurricane Ophelia is blowing in tropical air and dust from the Sahara desert, along with debris from the forest fires in Portugal and Spain. I doubt it's harmful, and I love freaky weather!

My Dad now has a cold, which is causing him problems. I guess minor health issues affect older people more. He's actually blaming the Flu jab because of something he read in the paper, even though he's had it numerous times before without issue. I said it's more likely a bug he picked up whilst in the Dr's waiting room!

Once I got back into Lincoln, the sun was nowhere to be seen in the grey skies at all! 

I feel really tired and lazy myself. It could be the weather. I am going to force myself to tidy the coat area and clutter on the stairs once I've finished on here though!

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