A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

A photographer calls

A dull damp day so when Grace's friend Stuart, who takes all the photographs for the local am dram groups, came to call to take pictures of Eda we had to set up upstairs to get as much light as possible.

He has offered to do of all the new babies that have been arriving to the members of the groups but when he emailed Grace she said unfortunately she couldn't drive over to his studio so he came to her. So kind of him as he doesn't charge.

He sat and had a coffee whilst Eda fed and then everything had to be set up so unfortunately by the time this was done and we had removed her clothes she was wide awake and very interested in the proceedings!

I think if they are fast asleep they can easily pose them but that wasn't happening today. Lou had the same problem when she had her session with Charlie. He suggested they both went over to his studio for another go in a couple of weeks. I'm sure her got some good shots anyway.

Grace has gone over to another Yummy mummy gathering and I've decided to do a few jobs (and get a rest instead)
I've got,rid of the dying flowers, folded the dry washing and am now genning up on how to make a chicken, butternut squash and pesto lasagne for tea. Wish me luck!

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