A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Swanning off.

Didn't make the early walk today, I had a bad night. No idea why it seems to be Wednesday syndrome! I'm not,saying I never have sleepless nights on other days but it is definitely more prevalent on Wednesday.

I took some shots of a squirrel at the bird feeder and then some of the autumnal colour in the middle of Bingley when I popped down for some shopping but then Chris suggested a walk around Coppice Pond after he got back from Luncheon Club.

It was definitely 'On Golden Pond', absolutely glorious. Here two of the fully grown cygnets were heading off to join four others. The rest seemed to be on the island. I like the tree and it's reflection as well as the sparkle on the water so the swans were a little incidental for a change.

When we got around the other side they all flew from one end to the other where someone had brought a child to feed them.
Off with my neighbour to see my neighbour, her husband, in Hairspray tonight. Should be fun. Then hopefully a good night's sleep!

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