A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

An Autumn morning.

Super walk this morning courtesy of Wilsden Walker.

We walked above Cullingworth as the sun rose and after following familiar paths we took a different route that took us to Flappit. A strange sounding place but a hamlet my mother grew up in on two different farms.

We left the road through Flappit to cross Black Moor. Although the bracken is over it is still high so made for tricky walking but looked very attractive in its Autumnal hue. (Wilsden Walker seen here amongst the bracken)
Quite out of the blue we spotted the white rump of a deer bouncing up out of the foliage. Soon we spotted a second and they headed off onto a nearby ridge where they felt safe enough to stop and look back at us. I got a shot but WW got a much better one. Getting carried away with the sight of the deer we lost the path but soon found it again and then we were on the more familiar territory of the Senior Way.

Crossing the road in Denholme we passed through the woods where there were more fungi than I have ever seen in one place. The battery had gone in my camera,but I couldn't resist getting my phone out. We've named it 'Fairy Wood'.

Through the field full of ponies in the morning sun and alongside the reservoir at Hewenden we were soon back at the start. Just under 4 miles but a most enjoyable and interesting walk. Thanks S

( More autumn colour at Harlow Carr here)

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