A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

First encounter...

with tagliatelle for tea!
It’s been a lovely sunny day but everyone has been so tired we haven’t really made the most of it.
Grace had a lie in while daddy made Eda banana pancakes. Chris took Zoe to the station for her train back to Manchester.
Grace went off to her matinee and both Eda and daddy had a nap. Got two lots of washing out and pretty much dried. The garden still has some nice colour. 

Later John took Eda on his bike to the Common so they didn’t miss out on the good weather altogether. So whilst they were out we made tagliatelle (a fresh packet we brought with us) and meatballs for tea as we had to be out pretty early.
She has lots of pasta meals but I don’t think she’d experienced the long type before. She made a good try at it and with a little help from daddy she ate most of it! 

We then headed off to see the last performance of the show. It was fantastic and Grace’s singing was fabulous. She was quite emotional as having practised for 6 months she has had a bad throat for,the last couple of days and felt her singing wasn’t at it’s best. We really couldn’t tell, it sounded great but it’s hard when you’ve put so much into it. We’re so proud of her.
We’ve left her to party and we are now back and ready for a sleep ourselves. These groups put so much into their productions it’s not really appropriate to describe them as amateur.
Thought Eda and her long strings of tagliatelle would be good for Silly Saturday! Thank you Eda.

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