A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

A bovine encounter!

Chris decided he wanted to walk this morning which I was pleased about as he has been having more back trouble.

He chose a walk that we have often done during lockdown and was probably one of the first we did, over Hunter's Hill to the edge of Catstones Moor, down Dolphin Lane and back via Goit Stock.

What we haven’t encountered before is cows. We passed  most of them without trouble, I have never been afraid of them having been brought up on a dairy farm, but I am a bit wary.
There were two right next to the stile so we decided to go over the broken wall into the wood only to find there was another cow at the other side of the stile. Whilst contemplating this another came straight towards us from within the woods. The one beyond the gate followed it into the woods too and as we leapt back over the wall they both ran away back into the field! Think they were more spooked than us but the obvious problem is a poorly maintained wall. It was clear from the trampled ground and fences that they had been in the woods before.

No other problems. There was a hazy sun so the autumn colours didn’t quite pop but it came through briefly as we walked up Mill Hill to the garden centre for a coffee before returning home. This is where I took my blip, these cottages look lovely all year but the addition of the autumn leaf clad tree 
made it a bit special today 

On getting home guilt got better of me and I did a bit of tidying in the front garden whilst still ‘suited and booted‘. Harder to make the effort once cosily ensconced inside.

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