Blowing About

Brian's been blowing everything around and I haven't been to far to look at what might be happening, I'd rather stay out of the way of stuff. I happened to be looking out of the window and saw a gust of wind flatten on of my bird feeders, it looks as if it's snapped the metal pole off just above ground level.

The reports suggest that the storm hasn't been as bad as was feared the day's second high tide is at about 10.30 tonight so let's hope it stays that way.

I went a short way up to woods at White Wells and took some shots down the edge of the woodland and then of the treetops blowing around on the other side of the road. I handheld this one for 1/12th of a second, I didn't think a little bit of camera shake would make much difference. It seems to have given the effect I wanted.

Have a good evening and stay safe.

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