a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Playing with light

Back at home after a week away - so today was mostly spent washing, cleaning, ironing, and baking.  I did manage to get out on Bess the BMW for a few hours earlier in the day when it was dry, although it was quite windy.  I took my camera, but was enjoying myself so much that I forgot to stop and take a picture of anything - how stupid is that?

So here to give you indigestion / nightmares is an exercise in playing with LED lights.  Pardon my fixed stare -  that is my concentrating on trying to keep still and sit in the focal plane look :-). 

As the years go by, I seem to be accreting more and more lines - something to do with having a very mobile face I think.  But as a result, I'm definitely heading for the pickled walnut look as I get older - despite all the airbrushing =8^o>

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