By Veronica

Cruising for a bruising

We went to the aquarium in Almuñecar today; we'd been waiting for a rainy day, but it doesn't seem like that's ever going to happen, so why not do it on a day when we've nothing else on?

I love aquariums, and this is a nice one. I liked the way it starts with prehistory, with tanks containing the closest creatures to the earliest life forms, such as tiny jellyfish and insect-like creatures, then moves on to fish and eventually sharks and turtles. Most of the early tanks are not large, but like the ones in Banyuls they are beautifully designed with pretty rocks and accessories such as coral, rusty chains, and ropes. I can stand for ages admiring these living works of art and looking for small sea creatures in the nooks and crannies while listening to the lovely atmospheric music, a mixture of classical piano and ambient music of the sort played in yoga classes.

It ends with the obligatory glass tunnel through a much larger tank, with sharks, rays, tuna and turtles slipping through the water overhead. The rest of my photos are right from here.

In other news, since we went away just over a month ago, Mystère has:
a) disappeared for 36 hours
b) returned with an infected bite on his face which luckily responded to antiseptic cream (thanks, Evil Neighbour Cat)
c) acquired some intestinal worms.

For this last complaint, I instructed R to get some vermifuge from the vet and apply it to the back of his neck -- a lot easier than attempting to give him a pill, and it's been no problem previously. A day later R reports that he is very lethargic and staggering about but that Google says this is a known side-effect of the vermifuge. But as he got worse during the day she decided better safe than sorry and took him to the vet, who found another infected wound, explaining the limping and the slight temperature. So he dosed him with antibiotics and now he's feeling sorry for himself, but still sitting on R's lap.

Bear in mind that R and A have never had a cat; they are certainly getting a crash course in living with one. As for me, I don't think I'll ever go away without him again, :( I feel awful not being there when he is ill. And that R and A have to deal with all this!

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