By Veronica


After our long day yesterday, we were up late. As it was Sunday we knew the corner shop would be closed, and there was almost no food in the house, not even milk for our morning coffee. So we were forced to walk down to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento for a proper Spanish breakfast in the sunshine: cafe con leche and toast with chopped tomato and olive oil (extra). One of my favourite breakfasts.

Afterwards we found an open shop to replenish basic stocks with, and after dropping them at the house we headed to Cantarrijan for lunch. It was bright and sunny in Almuñecar, but a bank of cloud hung over Cerro Gordo and the bay below. It was a rather weird effect: it wasn't cold, but the horizon was invisible in the haze. While we were eating though, the cloud gradually lifted and the horizon became the habitual ruled line between ultramarine and eggshell blue. I even went for a swim later; the water wasn't warm enough to stay in for longer than five minutes though.

Blip: our favourite starter, ensalada tropical, with almost entirely locally grown fruits. We shared it, and a piece of swordfish a la plancha with chips and veg, with a bottle of wine. It all left us feeling nicely mellow after the stress of the last week.

Trying not to say anything about the appalling political situation in Spain. Populist demagoguery on one side, blinkered authoritarianism on the other: what could possibly go wrong?

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