Nick Cave !!

We did not do our usual Berlin Sunday program also because we did not get up early. But we made it to Tiergarten and walked over the Trödelmarkt (Antik market) at the Strasse des 17. Juni for a bit. The weather was nice although it is getting chillier.
We went back home at 6 pm in order to get ready for the Nick Cave Concert in the night.
I did not know the venue and was amazed how big it actually was. 11k people and sold out!!
The concert was amazing! Nick Cave is such a legend! Incredible show! I think one or if not even the best concert I have ever been to.
After it was finished we decided to go for a drink. Bämeräng was closed so we went back to Kreuzberg into the former Haifisch Bar.
Big mistake! Well at least in the end. The Bartender Eva was mixing us 2 nice cocktails and that would have been enough .... but no - we had a number 2 and then we had a number 3!!! Number 3 was deadly!!!
No clue how Neil got me home! I know I was sick later and have no clue how I got in my bed!!
It was still an awesome day - but the next day was not ......
(yes - I am obviously back-blipping :) )

The Blip must be a Nick Cave shot!! 

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