Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1096. BCAM25 - Drancy

I am overwhelmed with the response to my 3 year Blip yesterday so thank you so much my fellow Blippers for your wonderful words, stars and collage was on the first page of the popular Blips all day!

This truly is an amazing community!

My offering today is the memorial at Drancy on the outskirts of Paris where a huge number of people were held then deported to death and concentration camps...this building was incomplete but housed several thousand people and a large number of orphaned children....a sad place...

I’ve added a pink flower for breast cancer awareness month....but also in memory of those lost souls....

Yesterday focused on the story of Violette Szabo and we met a lady called Cardinale who at the age of 10 witnessed far too much and whose sister, Susanne aged 12 hid Violette’s companion Jacques in a wood pile near their home when Violette was was an honour to meet her....she is living history and her words were spellbinding.....Jacques remained hidden and escaped the Nazis....such a brave family....who lost a son in a concentration camp and a daughter spent 5 years detained....we were humbled by this amazing 83 year old lady who appeared at her window to talk to us about her experiences....truly awe inspiring....

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