44 Years!

Very many thanks to all those who wished Len and Me well on our 44th wedding anniversary yesterday. I'm hoping Blip will use this snippet so that Facebook friends can see.

As well as the red roses, I received a big card, a packet (smallish sized) of chocolates and a box of Prosecco truffles. Yum yum. Today's extra is a white chrysanthemum that got detached from the other bunch of flowers.

And all I gave in return was a photo of a red rose on Facebook and a greeting. Never mind.

It was a superb day. No coat needed out in the sun. Basil and I went to Whatton House Gardens just up the A6 from home. I love the grounds. It's an estate that's largely left to look after itself although there is a flower border and some velvety lawns. And a Chinese garden in which there are several terracotta soldiers that were shipped from China. A gorgeous Acer too that has turned red but not yet lost its leaves.

The ponds look a little neglected. They could do with some maintenance. No end of pheasants. Basil wasn't quite sure whether to run after them, and he never seemed to see the myriads of squirrels in time to chase them.

Returned home to do some 'homework' for choir. The Lord bless John Fletcher for making his rehearsal files available online.

An infinitely better rehearsal at choir last night. And some last orders for calendars. We haven't done too badly.

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