Another Dog Friendly Eatery

Basil and I discovered the Wards End Bistro this morning. It's been open since April but since I so rarely go to the Wards End of the market in Loughborough, I'd never seen it before. Normally we take the bus. Today, I had to drive Basil to the vet to be administered his worming tablets so parked in Loughborough instead.

Basil was as recalcitrant as ever but the nurse managed to get him to take his tablets by squirting a syringe of water in the corner of his mouth which encourage the reflex action of swallowing.

We stood at the doorway of the bistro asking if Basil could be let in, which he was. Very nice ambience, and it's open in the evening for meals, so I must encourage Len there. There is a vaguely art deco feel and the tiling in the loos is marvellous.

Into the market where I picked up two pots of flowering chrysanthemums for planting in the borders, a top, fat balls plus a bone for Basil, fruit, veg and the inevitable 16 giant prawns. Lewis is encouraging me to go to the Anchor Pub in Hathern on Sunday for a dog friendly event and a children's Halloween disco.

Into the Berber Shop to greet Aziz and then home, where I really MUST get on with the admin for the choir calendars.

The coat stand is in the bistro. I liked how all the lines lined up.

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