Bewildered & Bewildering

Dull and grey and mizzly, a soft day altogether. Himself went hunter gathering and I've done a bit of cleaning. Now I'm planning a few well explorations - they're all a bit far flung now, Macroom or Castlemartyr beckon. The well in Caum sounds rather bizarre - water was taken from the well and mixed with the earth from the grave of a former parish priest - swallowed if the complaint was internal, applied to the spot if external.  Three visits required. Also good for rheumatism. I will report back.

This wee fella made me smile - he has a most confused expression on his face as well he might. An entry for Admirer's Silly Saturday. 

And I think it's only us getting a Bank Holiday. How confusing. I suspect it's something to do with All Saints' Day. More of that anon.

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