Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Flower Friday: In the garden

Blipping this on Sunday afternoon!

Well, we are visiting our friend in Muscat... good journey up, though some parts of the drive on Route 1 in Oman were hairy! It took just over six hours altogether. Our friend Hilde is the same as ever! Full of beans and stories.

Prior to leaving, we had an amazing session with a mentor whom we met in the summer. He took 90 minutes out of his day to have a Skype call with us and ask how we were progressing and gave us some invaluable advice. We are so fortunate!

An unhurried morning following on from last nights' very late night!

My blip is of a few of the flowers in Hilde's garden (for Flower Friday), all pink apart from the Frangipani which I haven't put here. I have no idea what the flower on the right is, but it sure looks pretty on the bush. It's always nice to see a periwinkle, and of course, the bougainvillaea has got to be the national flower of this part of the world. It's everywhere and so beautiful! Unfortunately, every time I tried to get my shot, there was a breeze and the stems moved, so there is some motion blur here.

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