Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Balloon pink ribbon

It's been a full-on day, mostly related to church activities! First the service, then Awana. We came home in between and it was really worth it! :)

Today, I played the guitar for G's little Awana group called T&T's!! They are 8 to 11 years old and all of them held a songbook in their hands for the first time in their life. They, er, struggled to work out how to use it and then had trouble finding song number 1105! They were also introduced to the concept of sharing as there were only 7 books for 11 of them. Wonder if it's a new experience they will remember... The singing wasn't too bad. One cheeky lad asked if we were going to be singing cheesy songs!! Honestly.

We had a quick trip into Wafi later, mainly to get a couple of things but also to have dinner. These pink balloons are well past their best but it was worth photographing them anyway. I like that an effort was made for BCAM. I thought it might be helpful to point you to a few facts and figures...

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