Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

New week #2

Start of a new week and poor G had an early start in school. Fortunately, her two kids were little angels after the break, so the day went well.

I got myself ready to make phone calls but didn't have access to the system, so did stuff for our website, and then did the weekly shop. On my own after ages. It's easier now that I have my own wheels. G & I got home almost the same time, and by divine timing, the cleaner finished just as I drove into the car park and offered to help me get the shopping up!

Good meeting with Patrick via GoToMeeting and to top it all off, G made roast chicken for dinner! It's been an incredible day. :)

I had to add the focal zoom to my image because it makes it more interesting.

Last few days of BCAM... Would you be so kind to click here to donate towards free mammograms? Thank you.

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