Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Flower Friday: Pink bouquet

YAY! I can take part in this challenge today! :)

I actually do like pink flowers and this bouquet was perfect. It has stayed where I photographed it though.

A quieter day with too much time spent doing the ironing chores. We decided around 5:30 to go out and try to get a photograph of the moon as it was so spectacular last night, but alas, more than an hour spent driving East and no idea what happened to the moon tonight.

The Volvo was going well until an hour into the drive. I was glad we got back to Karama. A very nice guy at Lazer checked the battery charge for me and confirmed all it fine there, so I need to contact the garage and chat with them.

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Just seen that DCAfrica, a blipper I've followed for a couple of years, has been featured!  :D

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