Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

No pink today :(

Had a very good morning getting lots of what I wanted to do, especially in terms of online research. SweetArt's neighbour and a friend are visiting Dubai, so I got in touch and we were invited over to meet them for a drink.

We got there to find it was afternoon tea, so despite the fact that we had just finished lunch, we ate a few of the things on the tray. They were delicious! Raffles Executive floor sure do things well!

As there was a bit of time, we showed them a tiny bit of Dubai... it had to be the Creek! They loved it, which is a relief. It was nice to see it in the daytime after ages, and as the weekend hadn't officially started yet, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

We even showed them the very cool bar with the speakers. They loved the hotel and decided it's where they would like to stay when they visit Dubai again. Once again, hours passed very quickly. The afternoon finished with us dropping them off at Dubai Mall.

Next thing was to visit a Police Station. G needs a Good conduct certificate for her work. I'd helped her to make the application online, but a message was received instructing her to visit any Police station for verification! That took less than 15 minutes to sort out. The rest of the evening flew. :)

Happy Weekend, and sorry that there is no pink in this blip. In fact, it was hard not to notice that pink is rarely a colour that you see in some parts, so I'm posting a group picture as an extra as G made it a point to wear a pink top! :)

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