Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Out and about

This picture (taken by G) says so little of the day, but it records a moment in time when we were at a particular junction, turning left for the first time. The man's pink shirt is the sole reason for choosing this picture for today!

The day began leisurely; we decided to stay at home and out later as we'd been invited to lunch. Our hosts live a long way away, so it not only took time to get there but also to locate their building. New Dubai is such a challenge to navigate!

Lunch went well and we came home with a packet of Cherry Ripes - woo hoo! :D

We were going to go to La Mer to take a picture of a huge pink BCAM flag they have hoisted for October, but I found myself on the D72 - a road I've been trying to get on for a while as it goes through some very interesting neighbourhoods. We followed it all the way down to Business Bay enjoying a different view of the city.

I tried to get to La Mer, but in failing light and on a Friday evening, it was impossible. Too much traffic, so we'll try another day. We've been home since then. G continued to work on her talk for tomorrow and I stayed out of her way and made sure I didn't make any noise!!

We had great news from my sister. Her PET scan showed her cancer is very localised, so we are very relieved.

It makes it slightly easier to ask if you would please click on this link in order to help towards free mammograms for those in need. Thank you!

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