Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


(Not just any footbridge, an airconditioned footbridge that takes you from the Royal Opera House to the School of Music.) Hilde really wanted us to experience the walk, and I'm really glad she did because, in the process, we found out about an alternative to Bateel (luxury) dates and also about the Home School of Muscat group.

Prior to this, we'd been to D'Arcy's Kitchen where we had a frappucino each and some carrot cake! I joked that we must have had ten thousand calories in our drink! D'Arcy's is iconic in Muscat and I hope it continues to be so for a long time to come. The centre they are located in had a few "Think Pink" posters hanging from the ceiling, and there is also a large mosaic of HM Sultan Qaboos which happens to have a pink background.

It didn't take long to pack our bags to leave and it was five hours door-to-door with just one set of traffic lights in over 450kms! Not bad. G enjoyed using the SkyView app to see where the stars and planets were at the sunset. She took some pictures through the windscreen but I haven't downloaded them yet!

We were unpacked within thirty minutes. It is really great to be back home! :) G's half term week has just vanished.

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