Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

New resident

I had high hopes of filling all the gaps in my journal yesterday, but it didn't quite work out, so hopefully, I manage it today...

It's the last day of G's "half-term"... which realistically, was just two days off and then the weekend. (eye roll). She started out with loads she wanted to achieve, but as usual, time vanished.

So today, we stayed in all day. There was no OaSis meeting. I worked on finishing a video that I started yesterday. It was almost done but I wasn't happy with a few of the clips. I'm so glad I waited to finish it as it needed fresh eyes. All done and posted, we were able to have a Zoom call with my sister in Hong Kong and then there's always the ironing to clear on a Saturday. I like to use G's room as it has more space. The doll in this blip arrived in the box from London. She is handmade by rachelwhynot and now has a new home in Dubai, and she has very boldly found her niche at the end of G's bed! Thank you Eileen! :))

There's no pink in this picture, but I'd still like to ask you to click here to help towards free mammograms. Thank you so much. :))

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