Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid



This was the view from the breakfast room this morning. I love it! You can see the highway that we drove on to get to Hilde. I had to use this picture mainly for the pink bougainvillaea!!

Today was a very relaxed day. Hilde had an appointment, so we had time to do as we please. G worked on a talk that she is delivering on Saturday, and I was "chatting" with the new intern via WhatsApp.

We headed out to the Oil & Gas Exhibition and Planetarium located at the PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) office. They are two free exhibits opened to the public. We got there in time to catch a show at the Planetarium (booked by someone else; we were in the right place at the right time).

The person who talked us through the show was fantastic. He made it really interesting and told a lot of quips along the way. It made us want to race out and buy a telescope, which by coincidence - he sells!

We didn't have time to have a good look around the Oil & Gas exhibition, but what we saw was fascinating enough to make us want to go back again.

We got home for a cup of tea and cake and had another relaxed time catching up with each other. Hilde did a Lebanese takeaway for dinner, and then - ta da - the decision was made to go up to her roof terrace to see what stars we could see with a pair of binoculars and our naked eyes.

Muscat doesn't have as much light pollution as Dubai, so we could see some of the stars, but not any of the planets (Venus, Mars). I downloaded an app to help locate the stars and this completely changed the evening. WOW. What a revelation. It was the coolest thing we've seen in a very long time. We still couldn't see the stars or planets we wanted, but now we knew where they were in the sky, so a better pair of binoculars or telescope would not go to waste!

My blip is the large version of a freebie we were given at the Planetarium It helps tell you what you can see depending on a particular time and date. We had wanted to buy the smaller version that we saw in a display but were told they weren't for sale. Then the person who presented the show came along and said - "Oh, we give those away for free!" You can imagine our excitement! :D

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