Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Entrance, or should I say N'Trance?

I was really hoping I'd get a call from Volvo telling me to come and collect my car, but it didn't happen. My service agent said the workshop is inundated and they are trying to get to my car asap. :(

G & I stayed home and got on with stuff for the website. The "back office" is certainly not user-friendly or attractive! I might have to get some lessons.

We ventured out in the evening - to the park across the road. I noticed that Garden Glow has a very pink entrance this year, so definitely wanted to blip it. There are a few more pink things in the extra. This year's offering seems like it has been supersized and put on steroids!

It was a clear and breezy yet humid evening. Nice too, that on a weekday, a lot of the gym equipment they have outside was free, so we both had a go at walking on air, which I have to say, is a lot of fun!

I hope you can spare a few seconds to click here to help donate free mammograms. It's free! :)

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