Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Rainy Day Cosmo

I actually took this in the morning, before the skies opened with buckets of rain.  I did a bit of faffing with this in both LR and PS, removing some distracting bits, bumping the saturation, darkening the background and just some various this-n-that.  I downloaded the new versions of both programs this week and wanted to have a go at some of their newer features, especially the masking in LR.  Fun way to kill a little time while the rain turned the outdoors into a great, soggy mess.

Last minute decision not to bring MIL home today - she was sleeping when hubs got there and he didn't think waking her to take her out into a driving rain to bring her here was really such a good idea.  Smart move, in my opinion.  So it will just be SIL, Hubs and I for dinner tonight.  Little dog is feeling better, although still on a bland diet of chicken and rice.  

I had a nice long chat with my parents this morning.  Planning a trip to the desert to visit them in January - already counting the days.  

I woke up feeling a little grumpy and tired this morning - probably the gloomy skies and rainy weather.  Anyway, going to retire for an hour or so this afternoon and curl up with cats and a book and a nice soft throw.  And a cup of tea.



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