Fairy tales and legends in Reichelsheim

We had a fabulous time in Reichelsheim, at the "fairy tales and legends days", one of my favourite events.
The whole village is a middle age market and ther are a lot of locations  with different plays.
The horse club narrated a mixture of Robin Hood and the Knights of the round table. In my main blip poor Lady Marian was kidnapped by a black knight and her maiden tried to help her.
Later I watched with T. a play of "king frog", which was very funny.
There was so much going on on the market. It'a a pitty that I run out of extras. so I show you only one of the musicians.
Yes, it was a pleasant day :-)

And the reminder for BCAM: Please click on the pink bar at this link to offer somebody a free mamographie. (No costs for you) THANKS!

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