Seville: Street Entertainer

Another hot day in Seville, and we decided to join a guided tour of the cathedral.  This allowed us to jump the general queue and we learned a lot more about the cathedral than we would otherwise have done.  It is an impressive building, and well worth visiting.

Afterwards we went for another wander through the narrow alleyways of the city, and stopped at this cafe for some lunch.  During our stop there, two or three musicians of varying quality came past, playing one song and then coming round the tables hoping for money.

More walking around this afternoon before a brief siesta at our hotel, then dinner at a small but excellent restaurant squeezed into another, particularly narrow passageway.  Seaweed risotto was my unusual but tasty main course here.  The waiter's command of English wasn't perfect, so when we asked about wine he initially assumed we wanted a litre (which I am sure we could have managed, but was a bit greedy). When we declined he offered us wine by the glass. We then suggested a bottle (an option which didn't seem to have occurred to him), at which point he called on his colleague, who allowed us to choose from the "wine list" - actually a series of images on an iPad.  Is this the future for all restaurants?

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