a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Mono Monday: Animal

Many thanks go to JDO for her hard work in hosting Mono Monday for the month of October. This week she set the theme "animal", which was a bit of a problem.  I didn't get home until later on tonight and being stuck in an office all day made life difficult as we have no pets. In the end I've dug out an old wig and made the best of a bad job wth one of the children's long ago discarded toys.  I think the title of animal could work in a number of ways, there's the bear of course, and there's the rather tribble like wig on its head, and then there's that strange resemblance to a world leader who loves to tweet.

In other news, I discovered on arriving home that Cathy had decided to try to add a washer to one of the modern chrome sink plugs only for the plug to get stuck in the closed position in the sink. I eventually managed to get it sorted out - and definitely now enjoy some brownie points, for a day or so anyway :-o

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