The Dawn Chorus 
     woke me
          in the middle              
of the night
     when it was 
          still dark
they obviously don’t know 
     that “dawn” means 
          “first light”
               and not
                    “pitch black”
but I guess the street lights
     confuse them - 
          this is going to be
               a very long day!
Not long after it was
     a bonus to see 
          the trees 
               and the birds
through the fog - 
     what a good job it’s 
          Abstract Thursday! 

© Maureen Iles 2/11/17

P.S.  My Blip was ready to post before 6.30 but I decided to “snuggy down” and managed to sleep for another 2 hours - the sun is shining now and has burnt off the fog, so it looks as if it will be a beautiful day - perhaps it won’t be such a long one after all! 

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