I had arranged to pop into town to meet a friend for coffee and a chat this morning and just after 9.30, it was chilly, frosty and sunny - although there was no wind, so it didn’t feel too cold.  One of our neighbours followed me over to the bus stop, so I was able to have a lovely chat with her.  I was taking photographs of the sun shining through the trees behind the bus stop and trying to be creative - Linda knows I take photographs, so I don’t think it surprised her that I was taking them from different angles - see my extra.

We chatted for a while, both saying we were cross that someone had left a banana skin on the seat in the bus shelter, so when we saw this young man coming along picking up litter, we mentioned the banana skin to him and he promptly put it into the sack he was carrying.

I asked if I could take his photograph and he posed quite happily. I asked his name - always good to know someone's  name - and told him he was doing a fantastic job, but that if people were more responsible and took their litter home, then he wouldn’t have to clear up after them.  He just smiled - and I guess if that were the case, then he might not have a job!

I went on into town and met my friend, Lillieth, and enjoyed our drink and chat together - we don’t often have time to chat after church, so it was good to share about our families.  I then met Mr. HCB in the library before finishing my shopping.

Today I am grateful for:

1.  The chance to speak to a friendly Council workman, who was doing a good job.
2.  Being able to meet with my friend to catch up with her.
3.  The beautiful weather, especially for this time of year.
4.  A card from a Blip friend.  As I am the one who usually SENDS cards, I am always thrilled when I get one in the post - so thank you - you know who you are!

P.S.  Apologies for not commenting yesterday - I had a long phone call from a friend who husband is seriously ill and felt I needed to support her.

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