Visionen - Visions!

What a week! I was hoping to be able to enjoy Berlin a bit, but instead I was working over 10 hrs every day!
It never stops!
I had the currently usual late start at 9:30 am and was very busy in the morning. I was determined to get out to the Turkish Market and get breakfast at Grumpy Galette. I managed to leave the house at 2 pm and was there 20 min later thanks to Berlin's fabulous U-Bahn network. The galette was worth while the travel. Today with goats cheese, spinach, caramelised onion chutney, chives, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seed oil. I think it was the best I ever had.
I walked twice over the market, got some French salami, some avocados and peppers and decided then to go further to Schlesische Straße for a coffee at 19 grams. The little shop was busy when I arrived but got quieter after a while. I had 2 coffees outside and bought 2 bags of beans and 4 of their addictive gluten free chocolate peanut butter cookies! I think I would kill for the recipe!
While I was sitting there I checked my emails on the blackberry and caught up with Jack on the phone. I was back home just before 5 pm and continued with my chores until 10 pm.
Then it was time for some retail therapy and I went to Kaiser's to get the WMF Raclette Grill they had on offer. You need to collect a certain amount of points with your shopping and fill a wee booklet to get WMF stuff up to 50 % off. I am diligently collecting points as I am eyeing on a few things there. It is only a limited time this offer is available.
The darn Raclette was bigger and heavier than I expected, but I took it anyways - a plan is a plan - and carried it (internally cursing) home.
No clue where we will store this monster. It is actually almost as big as our table here :)
Back home I had a final call with Jack, WhatsApp Chat with Neil who is flying to Rio tomorrow at 6 am and some easy dinner from the fridge.

The blip was taking during my U-bahn journey today at Möckernbrücke.
Its actually a shot from my knee when I was waiting for the train. 
Visionen - Visions - I liked that!

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