A day for my self - more retail therapy

Saturday - no work!
I got up not too late as I had plenty on my list to do - after the week has flown by and I hardly got out.
Werner the neighbour was knocking at the door to collect his parcel and we ended up chatting over a coffee about loads of things. I finally got out a 1 pm and strolled over the local Flea market and then walked over the small farmer's market at Südstern I had never been too. I bought far too much lovely cheese, salami and some of the awesome rye bread from Soluna. On the way home I stopped and the Kiezrösterei (see blip) for a coffee.
Back home I had some food and dropped my purchases.
Then I went to the city shop to look what they have. I like this shop and they have a great diversity of nice and good clothes. After 2 hours trying on the shop basically and catching up with Denise who worked there, I left with a huge bag of amazing stuff including a new warm Canadian branded winter coat! I spent far more than intended but it's all useful and good and will be worn a lot. 
Was home at 7 pm and ran though the flat to get it prepared for Fiona's arrival.
I am moving back on the couch and she will be in the bedroom.
From 8 pm I was on the phone with Marcus' wife Katja to see how she was doing after the split up. At 9 pm Fiona was in front of the door.
We have a glass of wine and a coffee before we rushed out to get food at Umami. It was so good!!
On the way home we stopped for a drink at Rauschgold - a very tacky gay and trans bar. 
We sat up until after 3 am.

Blip today is the Kiezrösterei on Gneisenaustrasse. 

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