Photoautomat - moving

Fiona and I got up at 10:30 and after plenty of coffee and a big breakfast of Cheese, eggs and salami we finally made it out around 2 pm.
We browsed the local Flea market and then took the U-Bahn to Arkona Platz. We were late and the sellers were already packing up. But I found some cute WMF stuff to take home.
We skipped the Mauerpark and walked to Bämeräng. 
when we passed the Photoautomats at Mauerpark, we saw that they were taken apart. I spoke to one of the guys and he told me that they need to move because there will be some building work done. I told him how much we like the automats and that we use them all the time. He was very please to hear that and we looked at some of my photo automat captures and he asked me if I would send them to them. He was indeed one of the founders of the project and it was nice to see him hands-on. Ole is featured in my blip.
It was too early for Bämeräng unfortunately - they only open at 6 pm now .... so we went to another place to have a wake-up coffee.
We were home by 6 pm and had to get ready for the Royal Blood gig tonight. We intended to be early at the venue but then thought we would have some quick dinner at Knofi. It was a good idea and delicious!!
We were at the Columbia Halle at 8:30 pm and were finding a good spot at the front right.
The concert was superb despite a bit short with 1:20 hrs. But they only have 2 CDs...... 30 something minutes each.
We walked home and since Clash and Limonadier were shut we continued our night in the house. 
Wine, tea and a late night snack of cheese and salami kept us going until almost 4 am ....
Good that I am off work tomorrow.

Blip is Ole dismanteling the Poto booths. 
No photos from the gig. Security did not like my small camera .... ;) but they were very kind and friendy.

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