By ExtraTime

Wild Goose Chase

Or, to be exact a pheasant chase.  One ran in front of the car on the way back from Hawick this morning. It happens every day, there are more pheasants than people in this part of the world.  But this one was different - head similar to the usual kind, but with a silvery, bronzy body, very handsome markings.  Google suggests might be a platinum pheasant. 

It trotted off down the road, me pursuing. Then it hopped over the wall into a ploughed field. I could not follow because of a wide and deep ditch, but I carried on till I came to a gate. It was crouching down, hiding, but eventually it took fright and flew off. I got a picture of a whitish blur.

Trudging back up the hill, and not wanting to return empty-handed, I took some shots of the ditch.  Not very original, but if you imagine a frog swimming back-stroke in said ditch, this may be suitable for today's MonoMonday challenge?

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