Tea For Two

At Abbotsford this afternoon.  We were just about the only customers.  I treated TM to a scone, his reward for chauffeuring me to my hospital appointment. I never know whether I will have to have the sort of eye drops that blur my vision for a few hours, so he gallantly drives me.  Just as well today, as we couldn't find a parking space, and I'd have been late if I'd had to wait for one to come free.  

Anyway, there were no blurry drops, and he eventually found a space, and I was in and out in fifteen minutes, and all is as it should be .... so we had our little treat in the Visitor Centre here. The decor in the restaurant puzzles me. It's totally at odds with the house (cod Scottish Baronial gone crazy - see extra) and the Visitor Centre which is a low wood-and-glass structure clearly designed to be unobtrusive.  

Strange as it is in the context, I do like it, with all its contrasting shapes and patterns. 

You used to get two dainty little scones, warmed, with your tea, but now only one (slightly larger), cold one.  Next time I'll probably go for cake.

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