Don't lose your head

Going back to yesterday Becky and Mike left here around 1pm and were due to catch the 2pm train back to London and then make the onward journey to Sussex. The train was late leaving Newcastle. Then unfortunately between Darlington and York the train hit a person on the line.  The train carried on to York where it terminated.  So Becky and Mike were stuck on York station for ages just waiting for a train - any train - that would get them to London.  They finally got on one - squashed on one - had to stand of course. 

They got as far as Spalding station ( Lincolnshire ).  Then they were told that the train in front of them had broken down so all the passengers from that train squashed on to Becky and Mike's train.  More delay while that happened.  They finally moved off from Spalding  around 9pm.  They got to Victoria at 11pm.  Their train for Sussex left Victoria at 11.40pm and they finally got to their house at  1am.  That's 12 hours since they left my house!   ( I don't think they will be using the train to visit me ever again - they will go back to using the car.)

Becky was full of cold over the weekend and the nightmare journey home did her health no good at all so she felt worse this morning and didn't go to work. She is feeling much better this evening so she should be Ok to go to work tomorrow.

I went to Fitness class as usual.  " The Man " turned up again.  Well done him. 

When I got home from the village I got on with the ironing.

I didn't go to Slimming Club.  I put on too much weight over the weekend ( eating an excessive amount of fattening food does that ) and I would have been outside of my target range.  Target members don't have to weigh in every week so I can miss a week - or two ( or even three ) and try and get a few pounds off.

The Mono Monday challenge today is " Frogs Eye View".  I crouched low down to take a photo of this pottery head of a  Chinese Soldier - based on The Terracotta Army I imagine.  This head got knocked off its body years ago and instead of just throwing it away I stuck it in a plant pot.  Thanks to Marlieske for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 11,169

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