A Frogs Eye View

of some fungi in the woods at The Vyne NT today :)

Not a good day for me as I woke up in pain in both legs and my right leg for a change has not been good at all.  Once I'm up and start walking it takes ages to walk properly and it still hurts :(  I have no idea what I've done, but if its still like it in a couple of days I'll have to visit the Dr I suppose...

Then I was setting up my new DVD player iand happened to 'snap' the connection to the sky ariel I use for my freesat box :(  Anyway it was an easy enough thing to buy a new  connection lead.  I thought all wiould be OK....but I can't get the lead to go in the box in the wall now :(   No TV til I get it sorted then!

After that, a trip to the tip and get rid of old stuff and clothes as well, and then to The Vyne where I took some 300 odd pictures which its going to take a while to sort out!

After that the lovely Keiren in B&Q sorted out which connection wire I needed and then I went to the mini Tesco for a couple of bits.

Home and I received a phone call about a 'telephone interview' tomorrow at 8.30am.

After that I went to my Slimming World, so I really haven't stopped all day.  I stayed the same this week.  We had a different leader and he was keen to talk about the 'C' word already.  Interesting recipes though :)

Phew!  I'm exhausted, so its strong painkillers for the leg and early to bed as I'll need to be up early to be organised!

Happy Monday folks :)

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