One of the challenges for November is to find something either beginning with the first letter of the month i.e. “N” or something with the number 11 to correspond to the month.

When I got up this morning and was drinking my first cup of coffee, I decided that I really must read yesterday’s newspaper before we bought today’s - I know most of it will be old news, but it doesn’t matter because some of the articles can be read at any time.

I turned the page and saw an article about Nigella Lawson and her new TV series.  I’m not that keen on her way of cooking - far too much butter and cream for me - but I had that “light-bulb moment” when I realised that 

(a) her name began with the letter “N” 
(b) we had some Nigella flowers blooming in the garden and 
(c) the common name for Nigella is “Love in a Mist” which has 11 letters.  

Blip almost done.

Off out into the garden I went in my pink robe and flip flops - and found three little Love in a  Mist flowers all alone in the courgette bed - so picked them and chose the best to have its 15 minutes of fame on Blip today.

Incidentally, I see that Nigella has been shown baking in her “One Hundred Stars Venice Map Dressing Gown” but it’s not a patch on my pink robe!

They will now join a few other vases of flowers on my kitchen windowsill, where I will enjoy them until they are past their best - but to gaze on such beauty will be a real joy!

“Flowers have the greatest talent 
     in converting an ordinary place 
          into a magical palace!” 
Mehmet Murat ildan

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